Eastern Districts Netball Association Inc.


The Eastern Districts Netball Association (EDNA) was formed in 1979.

The Association is administered solely by volunteers and caters for approximately 1600 members per year. Currently our netball community comprises around 180 teams from 30-35 Clubs/Schools taking to the court each week.

The AGM is held on the last Thursday in May each year where all positions become vacant and office bearers are elected. The AGM must be attended by at least one representative from each Club/School. A fine will apply for those that don't adhere.

The Executive Committee meets on the last Thursday of each month.

The Association shall enforce the rules as recognised by the All Australian Netball rule book for all competitions. Netta has some modified rules which are listed in the By-laws. (moderate stepping is allowed, 4 seconds to hold the ball and 4 feet defence) Non-competitive divisions of Primary and Netta also allow the coaches to move up and down the sides of the court to encourage and teach their players.

In affiliating with this Association you the Members are agreeing to abide by the Constitution and by-laws of the Association.

Two competitions are held each year:-
  • WINTER SEASON - commences April- September (terms 2 & 3 of school)
       Age Competition (8-13 year olds) played on Saturdays with the younger games
       starting at 11am and games continuing through out the day on the hour with the older
       children starting the last game at 3pm.

       Senior (13 years & over) competition is played on Monday nights at 7pm, 8pm &

       Matches are played irrespective of weather conditions. The Association will only
       cancel matches if it is considered to be dangerous to the health & safety of our
  • SUMMER SEASON - commences in October - March (terms 1 & 4 of school)
       Age Competition (8-13 year olds) played on Friday evenings with the youngest
       starting at 5.45pm and the last game played at 9.10pm.

       Senior (13 years & over) competition is played on Monday nights at 7pm, 8pm &

  •  The Association has a Heat Policy. (refer by-laws)
  •  No games are played during school holidays.
  • All Netta, Primary and Sub-Junior Age competition matches consist of 4 x 10 minute
    quarters. The Juniors & Seniors play 4 x 12 minute quarters.
  • The Association has a Uniform policy, all players within a team must be in the same
    uniform to take to the court. (refer by-laws)
  • All teams are required to supply their own equipment: Match ball, Bibs and First Aid.
    (refer by-laws)
  • Finals are played for Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior competition only. 
  • All non-competative divisions - (Primary and Netta) players receive a participation Certificate from the Association.
  • Players are required to Register before playing their first match with the Association.
    However, once registered this registration lasts for their life within that competition.
  • Score cards are supplied to each coach at the beginning of the season; these are
    required to be given to the Court Supervisors completely filled out on the day the
    match is played. Each team has to supply their own scorer of at least 14yrs who must stand/sit together with the oposition scorer near the middle of the court on the side line.
  • The Association currently holds matches at 3 Court Locations. These are Lothian
    Avenue Windsor Gardens, Emery Road Campbelltown and Phillis Street Maylands.
    You may be rostered at any one of these locations but once allocated will remain at
    that time and location for the whole season.
  • The Association has a zero tolerance towards all unsportsmanlike behaviour. Whilst
    within the EDNA court areas, all players, coaches, parents and spectators are
    representing their clubs and shall be accountable for their actions. The Code of Ethics
    & Behaviour is to be followed at all times. (refer by-laws)
  • All coaches over 18 years of age are required to have a Police Check under the
    Working with Children Policy.

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